b-cubed engineering was founded from a passion for structural engineering and a conviction that outstanding structures arise when architectural form and structural function are joined in harmony

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Our clients include architects, government institutions, building owners, developers, attorneys, contractors, building managers, and corporations. Our engineers volunteer their engineering expertise during times of national critical emergencies, both in the US and in Italy. 

We provide personalized structural engineering solutions to bring our clients' visions into reality, while upholding our ethical professional standards, and maintaining public safety paramount.

We provide structural engineering services for a diverse range of buildings: offices, commercial and residential buildings, theaters, educational buildings, warehouses, governmental, landmarks, and special structures.  

Professional competence and client satisfaction are our highest priority. By listening attentively and collaborating with our clients we are able to develop creative, cost-effective design solutions.

Our experience, encompassing from multistory governmental buildings to one family residential villas, from blast resistant embassies to entertainment structures, has taught us that no two projects are alike.  The goals of architects designing buildings and of owners operating them can vary in so many ways that understanding the team's objectives is our first goal, before focusing on the project itself.

​​​Spanning over 3 decades, our experience encompasses buildings built worldwide

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B-Cubed engineering's experience includes projects completed in the US and abroad, spanning from new high-rise towers to educational facilities, from US embassies to theaters, from small building additions to parking garages and large tower renovations, also including forensic engineering and facade condition assessment surveys.

We pride ourselves for creating innovative and unique structures, and our experience has demonstrated that these much sought after features are not always the optimum choice for all projects. Listening to clients is the first fundamental step in ensuring the success of a project, be it a new building or renovating an existing structure.

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