Complying with FISP can be a complex process, but it is a vital one. B-cubed's engineers are here to guide you through each step, ensuring that your building remains safe, compliant, and visually appealing. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for advice and assistance with your FISP compliance needs.

Your building's safety is our priority. Contact us today to schedule your FISP inspection or to discuss any questions you may have about the program.

our expertise on fisp compliance:

Inspections: Building facades must undergo periodic inspections by a licensed and Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector (QEWI) every five years. These inspections are comprehensive and involve close scrutiny of the entire facade, identifying unsafe conditions.

Critical Examinations: Facade Critical Examinations consist of the close-up review of the facades, roofing, appurtenances, and balcony handrails.

Report Submission: Following the inspection, a detailed report outlining the findings and any necessary repairs or maintenance recommendations must be submitted to the NYC Department of Buildings and made available to building owners.

Our engineers are equipped to make effective evaluations and repair solutions by providing objective and technically sound facade assessments and repair designs on both historical and contemporary structures. Whether it's preserving the charm of the past or ensuring the longevity of the present, our assessments guide us in formulating precise repair solutions. Count on us to safeguard the integrity and aesthetics of your structure through a harmonious blend of expertise and innovation.

We understand the significance of maintaining safe and structurally sound facades in New York City's iconic skyline. FISP, formerly known as Local Law 11, is a critical initiative aimed at ensuring the safety of residents, pedestrians, and the integrity of the city's buildings. B-cubed's engineers can guide you with the essential aspects of FISP to help you navigate its requirements and ensure the safety and compliance of your building.

key elements of fisp compliance:

navigating fisp with confidence:

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Buildings greater than six stories high must comply with FISP regulations. Ensuring compliance with FISP is not just a legal requirement but also a vital step in maintaining the safety of your building, its occupants, and pedestrians. See FISP filing windows to the right:

​​​Building facade assessment & repair

At b-cubed engineering, we have a team of experienced and licensed Structural Engineers ready to assist you in achieving FISP compliance. Our services include:

  • Facade Critical Examinations
  • Comprehensive reports and repair recommendations
  • Assistance with the DOB filing process

The Façade Inspection & Safety Program (FISP) is a mandatory safety and maintenance program in New York City that requires periodic inspections and repairs of building facades. This program plays a pivotal role in identifying and addressing potential hazards, enhancing the safety of buildings, and preserving the aesthetic character of our city.

NYC’S Facade INSPECTION Safety program (FISP)